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Jubilation” is a rare, unique, one-of-a-kind original sculpture executed in pink marble, bearing the artists’ engraved signature in the marble and signed “A Quinn.” 

         This striking sculpture was hand-sculpted by Anthony Quinn in his studios outside of Rome, Italy.  The sculpture started as a several hundred pound stone of pink marble which was trucked to Mr. Quinn’s Rome studio where he chiseled hundreds of pounds of marble away from the main block of marble reducing its size to a size close to the finished sculpture of Jubilation. He then used sculptor’s tools to create the face of a lady with whom he danced in several of his movies.

Mr. Quinn was entranced by this friend who danced and swirled across the stage; the artist determined to memorialize this individual in beautiful pink marble which would last into perpetuity.

Jubilation took almost a month of the artist’s time and talent to create a gently flowing elegant lady who worked on the stage along with Mr. Quinn. 

This sculpture is approximately 13” in height and rests on a rare black marble plinth sculpted from Belgian marble, which was selected by Mr. Quinn. 


  • For more information - or to purchase:

    Please contact Ms. Barbara Hess at (908) 872-6853 or via email

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